Raising the Bar....

My eternal search for real comfort from my handlebars continues. Yet again. This time I did not change the OEM bars. I made some dirt cheap risers.

Over on the Bandit forums at Two Wheeled Texans forums user "Alton" Made a cheap set of risers with some 3/4" by 1/2" collars. 

I searched my local huge hardware chain store and could not find anything like this. So I used washers. They are around 1/4" thick. I used four on each side. I also had to buy longer bolts to mount the handlebar clamps back onto the triple clamps. I used 3" long 3/8" bolts. 

This has added around 3/4" in extra height. What I like about using washers is I can change the height by removing washers as I see fit. So far after one shortish ride I like the new setup. 


  1. Great Idea! I'm doing it! Thanks!


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