Bye bye renthal handle bars.

I bent my renthal handlebars. For a month or so now the front end from the riders seat did not look square. Think it was end January and el-Lobo had a bit of a lay down off the side stand. At the time I did not think the bars had bent. I think it was not so much the weigh of the bike from the fall that bent them. It was when I was picking the bike up that the weight of the bike was too much for the bars.

I put the OEM bars back on this morning and sure enough the front end looks square. Measured up the renthals and they sure are bent.

I scooted down to Sydney to MCAS  and bought a set of their steel "Daytona"style medium bars and a set of LED indicators for the back of the bike. These now match the front ones. They are bright too which is what I want so the numpties in the cars may see which way I am turning.

The "Daytona" bars are almost the same as the renthal mediums I had fitted. At least if the bike goes down I have bars that may not bend as easy now.