2 bars and not drunk.

After 2 sets of handle bars I have gone back to the OEM ones. Why? Last week when I rode down the F3 freeway to Sydney with the OEM fitted I found the Zero Gravity DB screen works better for me when I am down a bit lower. Both the Renthal bar and the Daytona rip off bar sit be right up in the jet stream off the top of the screen.

I do love how much leverage the wider bars give me steering wise. Yet I started to feel like I am flapping about in the breeze sitting that upright. Lets see if I chnage my mind in a weeks time again.  

Forgot to add that with the Daytona rip offs I could not get the front master cylder clamp to sit square as this sat just at the end of a curve in the bar. This meant there was a bit of movement when I pulled in the brake lever. Funny feeling that. Like there should be move braking as the lever keeps moving as the brakes come on.