So how far have I traveled this tank of fuel???

The odometer has been working and then not working for some time now. The worst of this was I use the trip meter to gauge when I need to stop for fuel. I hate running on reserve. So what to do?

Do I fit a push bike trip computer?  All that fiddling to get it set up right. Nah. So I do a Google search and look what comes up... Airheads speedo fix article

Off comes the instrument pod. Out with the screw drivers. Dive in deep to my speedo. First go at using super glue works for like 100 meters. So off to Jaycar to buy some JB weld. Re-read the article again. Use JB Weld instead of super glue. Wait 12 hours and now I have a trip meter and odometer that works again.

Ya gotta luv Google.