The road to meditation.

I have deep sense of peace over me at the moment. No I have not just spent the last few hours in deep meditation. Even though this would have been most desirable.

I have just come back from a 110km ride with Jan as pillion. 110kms is not a lot of distance travelled.  Some would even scoff at how far I have gone this morning. I don’t really care. My biking soul needed this ride. I commute to work on the bike everyday. This commute is only about 10 to 20 minutes each way. It is the bike riding equivalent to breathing. We breath to exist. So my commute to and from work is to exist. Nothing dramatic about it like breathing.

I needed a ride on country back roads. My bike soul needed to feel the bike underneath me hammering along tight and narrow back roads. I needed corners to fly through. Needed to climb up hills and hear the bike on song. To feel the bike let go a wee bit in a damp corner. Hear loose gravel binging off my exhaust system. To have the air rushing at my face to make my eyes water. To feel Jan on the back moving in unison with me as the bike was flung around corners. This all happened this morning. And it was so good. 

There was no desire on my part to stop and take photos of the beautiful, sunny, winter scenery. This ride was about restoring my sanity. This has now been done. I feel alive again.