Gaiters like Germans. Not just in the Northern Territory...

April 2008 I replaced the front fork seals. It was suggested at the time I also fit gaiters to the forks. This would help protect the new fork seals. Did I do this? No!.

Of late the front left seal has been leaking. Enough that I can see oil bubbling past the fork seal on compression. Should had fitted the gaiters. This would have help tp keep the road crap out of the seals.

This time I have put gaiters on my forks. A new fork seal and new 10 weight fork oil.

The new fork seal was placed in the freezer while I dismantled the front end. This shrinks the seal a bit. My universal bit of wood and hammer was then used to knock the seal in gently.

Took 4 hours including lunch break. Jan had cooked up mushies, tomatoes and feta cheese on toasted sour dough bread. Yummo. Jan is such a great cook.