Roaming the Blue Mountians...Part 2

Today I fired up the GPS and plotted a course that would take me to Leura without having to use too much of the Great Western Highway. This Highway becomes a car park on weekends as Sydneysiders head west for a day out in the mountains. So looking at Google maps I saw some minor roads that take you along side the Highway. Plotted these into my GPS, camera around my neck off I go on the BMW.

The road surface is broken up in places. Potholes with lots of gravel strewn across the road. It is very narrow at times. Care must be exercised with on coming cars on your side of the road. Sometimes you feel like you are on a roller coaster. The views are amazing. Old homes of all sorts abound. Derelict buildings of long ago stand in places declaring how grand they must have been. You miss the current road works between Lawson and Wentworth Falls. Speaking of Wentworth Falls the route takes you past Wentworth Falls Lake. Looks to be a great spot for a picnic. The wind was roaring across the lake today and the ducks and geese own the place.

This route will add around 10 minutes extra to a ride west but I think it is worth it just to break up the boring Great Western Highway.

Badgery Cres just off the Great Western Highway.

Old School Building Lawson.

Lawson. A part of the town not often seen.

Railway Parade. Between Bullurra and Wentworth Falls.

Sinclair Cres. Wentworth Falls.

Wentworth Falls Lake.

Back onto the Great Western Highway at Leura.

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