A howling six. A banging boxer. 2 Pillions ride....

A ride was arranged for last Sunday by Shelley. With her friends Paul and Kay. To Wisemans Ferry pub for lunch. How could I say no to that? This pub has been in many photos on this blog.
Sunday morning is bright and clear. Off up the road a howl is heard growing in volume. The closer it gets the louder this exhaust howl is. Then Paul and Kay come around the corner. “Is it a Honda 750?.... No it’s a CBX1000...” No wonder it is making such a wonderful noise. Paul’s customer painted, to match his Shoei helmet, CBX1000 runs a six into six exhaust system. I want to ride behind him just to listen to concert that is these pipes. Paul has more than one CBX1000. Way more than one.

I am introduced and then off we go. Up onto Hawkesbury Road. The CBX is behind me. It is just as loud behind as it is in front I would find out. I am sure that riding this bike past a cemetery would have an affected on the dearly departed buried there. It is so wonderfully loud. So 1970s loud. When no one whined about loud exhausts on vehicles.

There is back burning going on up here in the Blue Mountains as we head into the warmer months and the risk of bushfires is increasing with each day. This back burning would catch Shelley and me out later in the day.

Down through to Windsor via the hairpins on Hawkesbury Road.

Then along Pitt Town, and onto Catti Road. Through to the Old Northern Road. I love Pitt Town/Catti road. Nice smooth tar. Some corners that are posted at 45km/h are in fact way faster than that. The old BM and the two of us are having a ball. I love being cranked over into a corner and taking one hand off the bars to wave at on coming bikes. That’s how stable the BM is in a corner.

The smoke in the hills is where we came through the back burning.

Soon we catch up with traffic heading down into Wisemans. I am sure the people at the pub have heard us coming down the hill. What with my Staintunes banging away on over run and Paul’s Six screaming. Not many bikes at the pub. Strange as it is a Sunday and the weather is great. Lunch is good. The conversation great between the four of us. Of course Paul and I wonder off to leave the girls to chat and we go to have a perve on the Bike Porn parked out the front.

Kay and Paul.

Paul's CBX1000

Some of the Bike Porn at Wisemans Ferry Pub on the day.

It is time to mount up and head back home. With a stop at Windsor for coffee. Riding through to Anges Banks we part company. Shelley and I to go back up Hawkesbury Road while Paul and Kay head to Penrith. As we climb up the hill the traffic comes to a stand still in one of the hair pins. Further up is where they had been burning off at the sides of the road when we came through in the morning. We are sitting in the line up of traffic when a white BMW R1150RT comes down the hill. “The road is blocked up ahead by a tree” Thank you fellow BM rider. So U turn and off back the way we came. Through to Penrith and then up the Great Western Highway. Just under 200kms were ridden.

Photo credits: Shelley, Kay and me.

Footnote: Shelley and I are no longer together.


  1. Nice ride report Buddy, looking forward to the next one. Greate photos as allways. Safe riding. Helge :-)


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