Out of the wood work they come. Another R100LT....

R100LTs are a rare beastie indeed. Rare expect for Australia. Well down under here we were the main market for the LT. Seems more of them are coming out of the wood work.

SteveT from way down in Tasmania contacted me about his very low mileage LT.

"I keep getting told that this model does not exist!!! I have a mate with one same colour as yours...it is even Vin stamped as a R100LT. I paid $7000 for this with 13,000 kms on the clock...the owner just wanted a good home for it. It comes complete with BMW radio cassette that set him back $2k when new. I looked for one of these for two years and found it by chance in the trading post.

The previous owner just didn’t use it all that much about 1k per annum — all the switches are bright and look new not faded and it has been kept under cover. When I bought it the original tyres were perishing and the battery had a collapsed cell...I replaced them and installed a BMW gel battery —half the size and no worries! The original owner was also fanatical about everything he owned which helped preserve it. I store it in a Motorcycle Capsule to lock out the elements and it is under cover anyway. My mate’s LT is the same colour as yours, no radio though and has still only 42k on the clock...used to belong to my electrician...who laso has a mate with a red LT with sidecar and that only has 7.5ks on it---I’ve seen pixs of it! I’ve seen at least 5-6 on eBay."

What a very well looked after LT. Looks so clean. Wish i could keep mine that clean. ;-) Great buy Steve. I bet you use those heated grips down there more than I do up here in Sydney.


  1. Thanks Ross! The heated grips do have one drawback - they pull down the battery even when on the move!!! Steve


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