New Zealand MZ Skorpion 660 Sport....

Who said we don't have MuZ bikes on this blog anymore? Did you? Phil from New Zealand has sent in some photos of his wonderful yellow Sport.

I live in New Zealand and have owned a MZ Skorpion 660 Sport for going on a year now (1994 model. I am only the 2nd owner of this awesome bike which is in amazing condition considering it was one of the first off the block.

The first owner was a guy in his middle years who mainly used it for commuting and told me he had never red lined it since he had owned it from new. It had done a genuine 36000ks when I got it and has now done just under 40ks.

I ride Muz to work every day the weather lets me which is a 50 km round trip on a really good country road for a bit of fun with no cops around. I have only just got back into bikes at the age of 54 and am enjoying every minute of it especially having the pleasure of riding such an awesome machine. The bikes I rode in my youth were enduro type from the 70s with no better handling on the roads than a horse.

I wish I could afford to buy one again. :-(