A MuZ Traveller for sale.

Ken from Dungog, NSW contacted me about his Traveller he has been trying to sell. He wanted to know if I knew anyone who wanted to buy his. I don't but have offered to put it here on the blog.

Here are the details.

I'm a passionate MuZ rider who alas has to sell the machine due to a baby arriving on the scene in February.... Perhaps you know someone who might be interested? It's $3990 with nothing to spend and rego to October 2008. Full details are on www.bikesales.com.au and www.bikepoint.com.au. It's also going in the next issue of the Ulysses mag. For the aficionado it is a Traveller with the faring removed and a decent big round headlight fitted since I ride a bit at night on country roads. It also has a steering damper fitted, though It's done 39,000kms, the last 20,000 in the country with no short journeys. It's a joy to ride and I'd happily set off around Australia tomorrow.... There's a couple of cosmetic nicks and scratches but you have to look hard to see them - it really looks pretty much like new and rides the same. I've been riding for 35 years and it's the best all-rounder I've ever owned and I really don't want to sell it at all!

Ken can be contacted via wangat@bravo.net.au
I have no financial gain in this. Just helping a fellow MuZ owner out.