How to make a guy happy at Christmas? Buy yourself a Traveller.

Peter from Queensland contacted me a month ago after finding this blog. He expressed an interest in MuZ Travellers. He had seen one for sale in Queensland and wanted my thoughts about them. We exchanged emails. Then last week he emails me this…

”Hi Ross

Today I took delivery of my 1998 dark green MZ Skorpion Traveller. What a lovely bike. This is my first big bike (only had 250s until now) so I guess any 650 would be nice. But it's a delight to ride.”

Then yesterday he sent this and the following photos…

“Hi Ross

Here's a pic of my new bike, and also of the chain guard that Tony Boggart made up (I presume) and fitted to this and presumably other Skorpion's he sold in Brisbane.

I'm loving this bike - just came back from a ride in the rain and am almost totally dry.”

Mate, I wish you many happy rides on the Traveller. One day I hope our bikes can be photographed side by side.