Double the fun. A MZ 1000ST

A dream for some of us. Reality for others. I dream of the day the MZ1000 makes it through ADR compliance in this country. So till then I just drool over the ones I see on the net.

Someone pass me a hanky as George from the UK has sent in some details of his one very nice MZ 1000ST.

Vital statistics as follows: Engine= D.O.H.C, 4 valves per cylinder, 180 degree Vertical (inclined) twin of MZ design and manufacture thought to be one quarter of a certain Malaysian teams formula one winning V8. Rated horsepower 112bhp, actual tested HP (at the rear wheel) 96-99 bhp @6,800 rpm. Gearbox is a (unit removable in situ) cassette type with six speeds. The frame (or chassis) is a Seymoor-Powell (Britain) designed socket tube truss in Chrome -Molybdenum alloy steel. Styling is by Peter Neumann (Germany) (Aprilia Falco etc) Forks are by Marazocci (Italy) and rear suspension via an Aluminium cantilevered swinging arm, is by Sachs of Austria. It is available in a multitude of colours and at least three different seat heights. The inclusive luggage can be hard (GIVI) or soft (Touratech). It is capable of much higher speeds than I am.