Wider - Speedmaster.

 They are just not wide enough. The tank is too wide. Thoughts that loomed into the front of my grey matter. Every time I looked at the MICRO BEND-A-LICIOUS APES I had fitted. Drove me mad. Not the fault of the bars. Not the fault of Steffan who made the bars. They just didn't look right.


Fitting a narrower tank. No. Too much trouble. Lots of fabricating. Don't have all the tools.

Widen the bars! I have tools to do this. I have mate, Big Dog, who has TIG welder. One very large bolt was bought to be turned into a slug. 4" was cut out of another set of bars. Holes drilled.

Rode to Big Dogs place. He welded the extension in. Grinder over welds. I get home. File and emery paper to smooth out the grinding. Coat of Satin Black.


Now have a set of MICRO BEND-A-LICIOUS EXTENDED APES! They are 31" wide. The eye now tells me that they suit the width of the tank.