No Pad-ing... Speedmaster

Pull into a parking spot this morning and as I apply a small amount of rear brake I hear a very slight grinding noise. Shudder I know that sound. I peer down into the darkness of the rear brake caliper and oh shit. There is almost no pad material showing.

Ride to local Triumph dealer. Do not use rear brake. Ride home with new pads in saddle bags. Do not use rear brake.

Fit new pads. Find that this is the easiest pad change I have ever done on a bike. Thank you tea drinkers of Hinckley.

The original pads latest just over 16000 kms.

Chain needed a tighten. Twice in 10000 kms. I think the chain oiler is helping.

Also replaced the spark plugs. They were about 11000 kms old. Amazing what a computer can do for your fueling. They don't look too bad. Noticed that she runs a bit better with new plugs.