Speedmaster - Mo Bars

You have worked out that I like to tinker with my bikes right?!

Of the 16 bikes I have owned over the last 30 odd years has had something made, bought or customised on it. Its what I do. I can't leave well enough alone.

So today I fitted a set of Biltwell Mustache bars to the Speedmaster.

Why you ask? Because I can. Cause I wanted some more comfort from the bars. The Triumph ones are good. They are flat drag bars. I wanted more rise. I also wanted the bars to be narrower. The Biltwell's have sure done this. The Speedmaster's risers are already 4" high. The Mustache bars are 3" high. I like where this places my hands now. Being 3' narrower than the standard bars helps me too. I have short arms. Was finding it hard at times when I had the bats at full lock. Not now.

I bought my bars from http://www.mcas.com.au/ Great service from them too.

The bars came in the traditional Biltwell covers. I love little touches like this.

 The bars went on with no dramas at all. Well that's not exactly true. The front brake master cylinder touches the top bend of the bars. This is because I have the bars tilted back a bit. They are not bolt upright. Also the right hand indicator mounting bracket hits the curve of the bars in the same area as the master cylinder.  I did not grind or cut anything to get clearance. Just allowed them to sit against the bars.

I did not have to move the throttle cables to the right side of the bike nor did the brake hose need to be longer with these bars, That is a big plus for a simple bar swap. 

Rode the bike around for a bit after fitting the bars. I love the ride position they put me in. A bit more upright. Good for my back. Also being narrower makes lane splitting easier too, Not that I would ever do that. 

Next I might get some red coke bottle grips. They will then match the red of the tank.