Speedmaster.. Leather and Lace...

Here you are thinking I am going to have photos of my Speedmaster with a young lady wearing leather and lace draped over it. You wish.

A few postings ago I mentioned that I have made a tank bib from an old leather vest. I finely got around to putting some leather lacing down the sides of the bib.

I am no leather worker by any stretch of the imagination. I watched some YouTube videos on how to do this. Bought a hole punch, some lacing and some needles and off I went. I do like the look of what I have made. Typical of me, rough as guts. 

I had another old vest lying around. What can I use that for? Top fork tubes could do with covering. 

The leather on the top tubes makes my eye think the front end is lower than it is. 

I might try to cover the speedo housing next with leather.