Speedmaster - Bottoms keep soft.

The Gunfigher seat on the Speedmaster looks great. Suits the lines of the bike down to a tee if you ask me. Yet looks are not everything. Not when your wife can't really sit for any period of time on that sloped perch.

To fix this I bought the Triumph Touring seat. Pillion area is wider, a bit higher and not sloped backwards. Jan has sat on it and said it feels way better that the original seat. A two up ride will show how good this seat is for her. Reviews that I have read on this seat all rave about how comfy it is for both pillion and rider.

I also noticed that the riders position on the Touring seat is different to the Gunfighter. The rear slope of the riders position is further back. Also it seems to be a bit lower.

I have also fitted a set of Emgo handlebar mirrors. They look like cafe racer napoleon style but rectangle and smaller. These I have mounted to the holes for the original mirrors. the lower profile of these mirrors suits the style of this bike to my eye.