CL450BB.. Seat MkII

Tweaked the seat today.

You know how the little things bug ya. Well the front of the seat was bugging me.

Since I cut the foam down in the seat it just did not look right. Then I realised that I needed to trim the seat base down to follow the curve of the frame tube at the front of the seat. Plus I had forgotten to put the plastic seat base trim back on. So off came the seat cover. Tin snips out. Trim the base. Plastic trim on. Back on goes the seat base.

I also wanted to add some upholstery rivets around the seat base as well. I like that studded look. Could not find any so used stainless washers and pop rivets. I really like the look of the seat now.

One last touch. A W'nR'n tag was added to the back of the seat. Used an old tea spoon for that.