To see art...

Today Jan and I rode to Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains.

We rode down the boring F3. We detoured to MCAS so I could buy and Open Face Helmet. Bought a RJays Tomcat.

Then we rode up the boring M4.

We where on our way to meet friends of Jan's. Linda and John. Linda was showing her art at The Olde Block Factory Gallery in Faulconbridge. Could not take photos inside of the exhibit. Thats naughty.

We had tea. 

We fought lions.

Then went to Lawson Pub for lunch. 

Then back to Linda and Johns place at Bulburra. 

John owns this. It has 15k kms on it. He did have a pristine Honda 900 Bol D'or before this one. 

Then we rode home.


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