I don't like chain drives.

I never have liked chain drives. Of the 14 bikes I have owned 4 had shaft drives. I like shaft drives. No messy chains to adjust. No regular oiling to do. Almost maintenance free is a shaft drive.

I have only in the last few weeks put a new chain and sprockets on the Bandit. The original ones lasted around 47k kms. I think this is because the original owner had fitted a ScotOiler to the bike. It was not on the bike when I bought it. There is evidence that it was one of those vacuum operated ones.

I could not afford a ScotOiler so bought a Tutoro Chain Oiler. I bought the Auto one. Seems to work off the motion of the bike which makes a plunger go up and down allowing the oil to flow. So when the bike is not moving the oil don't flow. See Auto Oiler... for more info.

Fitting it to the Bandit was not easy. This is no reflection on the Tutoro. Its the fact that the frame on the Bandit does not allow you anywhere to fit this oiler. So I mounted it off the left rear footpeg hanger. It is out of the way here and is easy to adjust the oil flow or refill.

As to how good this will be will be shown the more I ride with it. A ride up to the bottle shop this arvo is no where near enough distance to allow the oiler to do its work. I also have to refine the fitting of the oil tube.