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Not a big fan of Street fighters .. Hot Chocolate anyone??.

I am not a big fan of Street fighers. I find some of them look like they have just been cobbled together out of a different parts catalogues. Yet I do like this Bandit.


  1. I've been just clicking through my favourite bike blogs on this wet and miserable day, when I came to my favourite or once favourite BMW blog. Well it was once, it seems the owner Ross has sold out to the rising sun. Suzuki? Like seriously WTF? I am currently a little disturbed, like to be once a member of the elite for years before one returns to such pitiful lows. What happened Ross, really?
    - From a loyal BMW rider.

    1. Sorry to sound rude here but I would say you just looked and the photos and did not read the words I type. Have you read this posting you would see that the BMW has cost me close to $5k on top of what I paid for her to keep her going. This excludes service items and tyres. So that with purchase price is close to $11k.

      Would you want a bike that you never know if it is going to get you home or not? Makes for fun riding don't you think. Do you like to ride or do you like to spend your riding time, which may be very limited, fixing your bike? These are questions I asked myself and decided I wanted a bike I could ride every time. So I went with a Jap bike.

      There is so much that still needs to be fixed I am over it.

      Pitiful lows you say. Not when my Suzuki starts every time. Not when my Suzuki does not need money thrown at it to keep it running all the time. Not when I can go for a ride on my Suzuki and know it will get me home. How many times did the BMW come home on the back of a tow truck? Too many.

      I am not loyal to any brand anymore. No more of this elite bullshit. I am loyal to one thing. Riding!

      If you do not like that I have changed my bike then by all means delete the link to my blog from your favourites. That way you wont be disturbed by what I write here.

  2. Really, so you spent what? Five grand on a jappa that will only be worth 2G in a few more years and will also require about the same money spent on it as that ol' dunger that you gave up on. Why didn't you just buy a later model BMW? The shame, and you were once my idol, you set the bar, you provided the inspiration......and now you ride a mass produced, flimsy Bandit.
    Shame on you!
    - From a still loyal BMW rider.


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