Half arsed ride to Jerry's Kicthen

Lots of shifts of late have cut back yet again into my riding time. So with a day off today and the sun out shining the Road Gods were a beckoning. Jan and I saddled up for a short ride to Jerrys Kitchen at Kulnura. Yeah not a big ride but good enough to put a smile on my face.

Was also good to seat and raise a cuppa in honour of LGR at one of the places I hear he liked to go to. Ride on with the Road Gods mate. LGR aka Luke is one of the members of BikeMe forums and was tragically killed last Friday while riding his Busa.

We were the only bike there when we rolled in. A small handful arrived after us. We drank our tea, ate our food and then road down to Yarramalong through to Wyong. Stopped to see our grandson and then home for lunch.

Jan in the background enjoying morning tea.

Teh awesome gate guardians on Yarramalong road.