Thursday, 22 December 2011

Modern Katana...

Who here remembers the Suzuki Katana from the 1980s? I sure do. Was a wild design back then. The Katana was designed by the same guy who designed the BMW R65LS. Suzuki hired Hans Muth, ex-chief of styling for BMW.

I found this photo on the net today of a 1200 Bandit fitted with a Katana fairing. I love it. Wish the Jap makers would do retro looking bikes.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Barking up a Storm..

Just fitted some BarkBuster Storm hand guards this arvo. Took 45mins all up. Very easy to fit. Did not have to do any cutting of anything. Follow the instructions and its a breeze. I bought them through Ordered yesterday arrived this arvo. Thats service for you.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Four eyes...

Last 5 bikes, not including the BMW, I have fitted a headlamp protector from Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors. I think they are well worth the money considering it could save hundreds of dollars to replace a broken or cracked headlamp lens.

Easy to fit with 4 "dual lock" Velcro dots.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Below is a copy of Twisty Bits 6th Dec 2011. Written by Boris from BikeME. His column appears every 2nd issue of Australian Motorcycle News. Thought this was very worthy of sharing here.

When there are stupid laws, it is your right, obligation and duty to break them. For when enough people agree that a certain law is indeed stupid and begin to break it, then that law will be repealed and a new and more acceptable law will take its place.
Or have we all forgotten who is in charge here?
I actually think we have, given how eagerly we have permitted ourselves to be enslaved to the lie of “safety”.
Mankind has a rich history of stupid laws – and just as rich a history of breaking them when it eventually comes to its senses and says: “Hang on. This is just stupid. Why am I complying with this stupidity? I will no longer do so.”
Australia is no exception and we’ve had (and still have) many impossibly dumb laws – some of which we break with impunity because not even the idealistic mouth-breathers who ward us from ourselves can bring themselves to charge us with something like illegally replacing a lightbulb, since it is illegal for anyone but a licenced electrician to do so. It is also illegal to walk on the right-hand side of the footpath, be within 100m of a whale carcass, or for a taxi not to have a bale of hay in its boot.
We can all see, understand and agree how stupid these laws are, so we break them with scant regard for the consequences. And there usually aren’t any. 
But there is another bunch of laws which are just as abysmally stupid as the lightbulb-changing one, which the less slave-like among us break at every opportunity because we all understand how stupid these laws are too – but there is nothing resembling impunity in what happens if we are caught. I refer of course to the laws governing how fast we’re permitted to travel on the roads in this vast land.
Now do I need to explain to you that we only have these speeding laws so that our keepers may continue to milk us for money like the perennial, uncomplaining and complacent cash-cows that we are? No? Good. If you think otherwise, then you need to get back on the special bus and resume licking the windows and fiddling with your privates next to those smelly jackals who feel it is some kind of privilege to have a licence.
Just quietly, we’re not the size of Switzerland. So when the government creates teleporters or a viable public transport system (I do wonder which will come first), then it and its police dogs may bark about how it is a privilege to have a licence and I may listen. Until then, they would do well to understand (as would we) that it is my damn right to have a licence and their privilege and honour to govern us. And to keep us happy with the way they govern. And not the other way around. At least that’s how it’s meant to work.
But it doesn’t, does it?
How it works is that we, the motorists (and I do include car drivers because we share a common cause in this swamp full of bullshit that we find ourselves in) are being used by the government to fund our own prisons.
Speed does not kill. That is a lie. It is, by the government’s own numbers, the governing factor in only around 20 per cent of crashes. The rest of the time we’re crashing our brains out because we’re tired, we’re stupid, or we’re busy texting our kids – and we’re not technically very good drivers or riders anyway. The road toll continues to go down – and despite this being entirely due to safer cars and safer roads, the garbage who rules us will continue to state its idiotic road policies are working. The lies continue and we continue to accept them.
So here are some truths:
It is not a privilege to have a licence in this country. It is an inalienable right – at least until such time the government can provide a viable alternative to private transport. It is a disgusting act of sick bastardry to continue to leech money from motorists for speeding offences, the parameters of which are decided by nauseating behavioural scientists who treat us like lab rats. If speed was really the overarching monster of death it is portrayed to be, all vehicles would be limited to 70km/h. That they are not is the most revealing aspect of this argument, isn’t it?
But the most appalling aspect of all of this is us. We have become a nation of bitches. Obedient curs to the people we have permitted to rule us, and who rule us exactly like we deserve to be ruled – as servile, mewling slaves who are only too happy to give their owners their own money so that the bars on our shiny safe prisons stay polished.
And quite obviously, the longer we permit these stupid speeding laws to subjugate us, the longer we will remain utter bitches, spreadeagled before our masters with our throats eagerly exposed and piss running down our trembling haunches.

"el Lobo" hunches up the knees...Not anymore...

Have just been out on the bike two up. This mod has proven to be a great success. As per my last post here.  Jan reports her legs are in a very comfy position now. When I gun the bike or hit the breaks hard she is now not thrown all over the back of the bike.

Bear in mind I did have the airhawk cushion and sheepskin on her part of the seat. This is set up to make the seat at the back straight now not slopping forward.

Our feet do not foul up at all. I looked down while riding and Jan's feet are splayed out. Enough that the front of her foot is not near the back of my leg. Moving the pegs hangers forward has also moved the passenger pegs a bit further out than standard.

I am so happy with how this has turned out. Last thing I wanted was a bike that we both could not enjoy at the same time. Had that before this conversion.

Monday, 5 December 2011

"el Lobo" hunches up the knees... The permanent fix?!

I hope this is the final fix to make the pillion position way more comfy. It started with "..."el Lobo" hunches up the knees..." Searching the net for a way to lower the pillion pegs I found a guy with a 1250 Bandit had made a set of brackets to move the whole pillion peg hanger. He used some metal plate fixed to the mounting brackets for the hanger. I had been wracking my brain for 2 weeks now trying to work out a way to move these pegs. Yet here is this very simple solution.

I am a metal worker by trade. So I can make some brackets too.

Here is what I did. Bought some 40mm x 3mm flat metal stock. I then drilled and cut these to shape. They will be painted black when done. I have made them so that the pegs will be 2 inches lower and 4 inches further forward. 

I have used the mounts that are on the frame to hold one leg of the pillion hanger plus the bracket. I wanted some strength due to the fact I could not get 5mm flat stock metal. This would have had less flex. The way I have mounted them there is hardly any flex at all. 

On the BMW whenever I picked up my fit from the road with a pillion on board our feet would most of the time touch as my foot came onto my footpegs. So am used to that. So if this happens with this mod I can either put up with it or get a set of Buell pegs for my feet that will lower them by an inch and help to stop this feet fouling. Jan, my partner, has sat on the bike with this mod done and says it feels way better. Tomorrow when we take the bike out for a ride will see how comfy this mod is for her. 


After: Bare metal making sure it all fits. 

Tomorrow I will also photograph the right side to show you how I have made a mount for the muffler as this hangs off the pillion peg hanger too. 

Here is the right hand side. The hanger for the muffler is made from two bits of aluminium. I am not happy with the way this looks but at the moment its there for function.  

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Half arsed ride to Mt White..

Day off. Just did an oil change on the Bandit. Was home alone so decided to ride over to Mt White to the Cafe there for a cuppa. Week days you can get a few bikes there. Also this ride would give me a chance to see how the Bandit handles the twisties. 

Places that I would normaly bottom out on the Old Pac with the BMW can be taken with greater urge on the Bandit. It handles that much better than the BMW. This with stock suspenders too. 

Rounded up one of those new 6 cylinder BMW cruise liner bikes. Floundering great things they are. They should be made to wear a sign that says wide load. 

Arrived at Mt White Cafe only to fing it is empty. No sign up to say what had happened. Maybe it is too far to ride form Sydney for all the sports bike riders and this killed it off.

Where to go from here? Not the F3 and back home. Did that last night. 

Back towards home I head but will turn off at Kariong and go down Woy Woy road. Have not been down that way yet. What a great road it is too. Great views. Some great sweepers. Must ride this some more. 

The view from Staples Lookout is stunning. Can see so much of Brisbane Waters and the Pacific Ocean from up here. 

Chicken Strip be gone. Well on the back maybe. 

When Bandit meets Afrika Corps.

Found on the Interwebthingie.

Looks like something Rommel may have used on his days off in North Africa during WWII.

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