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2 Million Mile BMW Ladies..


Voni Glaves and Ardys Kellerman became the first two women in North America to document riding one million miles on BMW motorcycles.

As they approached these accomplishments they arranged to meet in Ouray,Colorado to ride their one-millionth miles together on U.S. Highway 550, the "Million Dollar Highway."

They reached this milestone at Red Mountain Overlook between Ouray and Silverton, Colorado the morning of August 30, 2011. Dealership documentation of their achievements has been sent to BMW Motorrad U.S.A. and to the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, each of which provides mileage awards at 100,000 mile intervals.

Glaves, 64, is a retired teacher who resides in the Texas Big Bend just north of Big Bend National Park. Kellerman, 79, is a retired electronics technician who resides in Lexington, Texas. Both have been riding BMW motorcycles for many years. Kellerman bought her firs…

The Japanese sure know how to do a custom...

Water-cooled BMW GS is new from the ground up ...

Look BMW are making a kettle...

By MCN - New bikes 19 August 2011 16:50
This exclusive spy shot proves the next generation BMW R1200GS will be new from the ground-up, with an all-new water-cooled engine, revamped styling and major chassis changes.

The photographs - taken last week outside BMW's Munich Development Centre - show a pre-production GS with a water-cooled engine plus radial brakes, modernised styling, adjustable screen, new clocks and the exhaust and shaft drive on opposite sides to the current model.

The clearest evidence that the bike is water-cooled comes from the exhaust port, which is now at the base of the motor. This would not be possible with an air-cooled engine because the exhaust valves would get too hot - they need to be at the front to get maximum benefit from the airflow. A radiator fan is also just visible through one of the ducts near the bike's headstock, though the water pump is not visible and any hosing is tucked neatly out of sight.

In the past, wate…

R75 Cafe Racer.

Found this stunning black beast @  R75 Cafe Racer.

The road to meditation.

I have deep sense of peace over me at the moment. No I have not just spent the last few hours in deep meditation. Even though this would have been most desirable.
I have just come back from a 110km ride with Jan as pillion. 110kms is not a lot of distance travelled.  Some would even scoff at how far I have gone this morning. I don’t really care. My biking soul needed this ride. I commute to work on the bike everyday. This commute is only about 10 to 20 minutes each way. It is the bike riding equivalent to breathing. We breath to exist. So my commute to and from work is to exist. Nothing dramatic about it like breathing.
I needed a ride on country back roads. My bike soul needed to feel the bike underneath me hammering along tight and narrow back roads. I needed corners to fly through. Needed to climb up hills and hear the bike on song. To feel the bike let go a wee bit in a damp corner. Hear loose gravel binging off my exhaust system. To have the air rushing at my face to make my e…

Ridgeway Video

Today Jan and I ventured out for a small ride. By Wyong we where in full wets. By Yarramalong Road we had turned back. It was bucketing down. I had planed a loop to Jerrys via Yarramalong. I hate turning around and going home on a ride. Jan shot this as we came down the Ridgeway near our place. I played around with movie maker.

Gaiters like Germans. Not just in the Northern Territory...

April 2008 I replaced the front fork seals. It was suggested at the time I also fit gaiters to the forks. This would help protect the new fork seals. Did I do this? No!.

Of late the front left seal has been leaking. Enough that I can see oil bubbling past the fork seal on compression. Should had fitted the gaiters. This would have help tp keep the road crap out of the seals.

This time I have put gaiters on my forks. A new fork seal and new 10 weight fork oil.

The new fork seal was placed in the freezer while I dismantled the front end. This shrinks the seal a bit. My universal bit of wood and hammer was then used to knock the seal in gently.

Took 4 hours including lunch break. Jan had cooked up mushies, tomatoes and feta cheese on toasted sour dough bread. Yummo. Jan is such a great cook.

Squealing like a pig no more..

Ever since I have had my BM, the back brake has squealed when being used. Just like a piglet that hates to be caught. It was embarrassing. I am sure people would look at me when they heard that noise coming from the bike.

So how to fix it? Thankfully this thread helped me The fix is very simple in fact. Buy Brake shoes return spring rubber damper | BRA57572 from Motorworks

I fitted this part this morning. 

Here's to no more squealing back brake.

So how far have I traveled this tank of fuel???

The odometer has been working and then not working for some time now. The worst of this was I use the trip meter to gauge when I need to stop for fuel. I hate running on reserve. So what to do?

Do I fit a push bike trip computer?  All that fiddling to get it set up right. Nah. So I do a Google search and look what comes up... Airheads speedo fix article

Off comes the instrument pod. Out with the screw drivers. Dive in deep to my speedo. First go at using super glue works for like 100 meters. So off to Jaycar to buy some JB weld. Re-read the article again. Use JB Weld instead of super glue. Wait 12 hours and now I have a trip meter and odometer that works again.

Ya gotta luv Google.