Roaming Vietnam .... Sneek Peek

Here are some of the 1600 photos Jan and I took in Vietnam.

This is just a sneek peek... Not in trip order.

Military guard at a place I could not get into. He did at least let me take his picture. Taken in Hanoi.

At the end of our first ride. My dream has come true to ride ovreseas. Taken in Sapa.

The Vietnamese form of Ute. Yes there are 4 ceramic urns on the back. Taken on the way to Cuc Phoung.

Cuc Phoung National Park. Me with the 1000 year old tree.

Ha Long Bay.

On the way back to Hanoi. The loads there scooters can carry is amazing.

Me with tail section of a B52. Hanoi.

Sapa. "You buy from me...." One of the many tribal people that hunt down westerners to sell us stuff.

Sapa. How we saw the mountains most of the time.

First bike we rode 2 up in Vietnam. A Honda 110. On our ride out of Sapa.

High up above Sapa. Sapa is down in that mist.

Farming in Sapa.

Second bike we rode in Vietnam. A Yamaha YBR 125. Yes we rode it 2 up. Our butts are still sore from that seat. On the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Cuc Phoung.

One of the many faces of Vietnam. Taken in Hanoi.

Report will be in the next week or so.