Roaming Vietnam... The bikes of Vietnam

Bikes and scooters rule the road in Vietnam. Seems as if everyone has at least one. They are used for commuting, moving the family about to the general haul everything about. Here are some of the many that we saw on our trip in Vietnam.

Honda Goldwing. Owed by a Hanoi Big Bike Club member. Used for escort duties. The Government contracts out to this club. In this case it was for a pushbike race in Hanoi.

More of the bikes from the Hanoi Big Bike Club.

The Minsk. Russian 2 stroke.

Honda Rune. Once more a bike owned by a Hanoi Big Bike Club member.

The footpath is part of the repair shop.

They have more space.

Yep a Harley. You guessed it. Hanoi Big Bike Club. These guys must have connections.

Aussie Ex-pat Matt's Honda 100.

Dutch ex-pat Leon's Minsk. He had to have the engine rebuilt.

Aussie ex-pat Adam's Honda 400/4

Young girl with big load.

Same girl as above.

Nearly as wide as the truck behind him.

See Inter-flora deliver in Vietnam too. ;-)

Police/Military Ural outfit.

Another Honda 100.

One cool Vespa outfit.

One of many shops in bike seat covering street.

I know these are in my last report but they still amaze me.


  1. and there's this:

    Filipino side car taxi...




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