Time for some TLC......

My poor BM has not had much TLC of late. Too much working and commuting long distances means she has been ignored. That all changed this morning. New parts ordered from Munich Motorcycles arrived yesterday.

New YSS mono shock. The Koni that came with the bike was on it's last legs when I bough the bike in March 2008. Spine crunching at times it was.

I had planned to replace this when I got the bike but found the bottom eyelet bush had welded itself to the mounting bolt. Rust welded. So with lots of WD40 and some gentle hammer blows the bush at last came off. Vice grips doing their gripping work did most of the work.

So now Sophie (as Jan calls the BM) does not have a saggy bum anymore. Once the rain goes away I will take it out and play with the rebound and pre-load.

New choke cables. Choke was not closing off when the choke lever was closed. Found out that the piston that all 3 cables connect to is broken. That will have to be ordered. So bike has no choke at the moment.

New high tension leads and spark caps. I have been told that the originals that were on the bike can be affected by water. So on went the new ones.

Bike seemed to run a wee bit better than with the orginal leads and caps. Maybe the caps were on their way out????

On backorder with Munich is a Omega 450 watt alternator kit. That should allow me to light up the whole house when it is fitted. Also means my GPS won't be draining the battery anymore.