Coast-to-Coast BMW R75/5 NEW JERSEY to CALIFORNIA round trip - Nov.15 - Dec.15 2009. Part the 3.

OK so this is where things get really fun. So far I've been on interstates from NJ to CA and up and down the 101 and 5. Thanksgiving is over I want to take Highway 1 up through Big Sur. Eric had left for San Francisco again a day before me so I was on my own and wanted to experience the highway and do some more camping.

Camping spot for the next couple nights.

So I found a great spot off Highway 1 just south of the Carmel Highlands. There were some stones blocking a rather wide path that led down a trail right on the edge of the cliff. I managed to ride my bike down without being spotted and hung out at the end of the path undisturbed and out of view for 3 days and two nights.

Time for pics of my favorite place in the world.

Camping out at that spot was amazing. The last night Eric rode down from San Francisco and met up with me and we camped out together one last night before heading back to Laguna Beach for a two day stop before heading back to Tuscon and then east to New Jersey.

Laguna Beach again.

Bike is still running like a top. I figured I'd reward her for her service with a full oil change including Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic for the engine and some Redline Shockproof Heavy for the gears. Only a light fuzz on the transmission drain plug! Guess I shimmed it properly.

Saw these guys riding around Tuscon taking pictures with kids. Pretty awesome thing to do for the holidays.

Part 4 soon. :-)