I have asked Helge to tell us about his BM. Like most BM owners his is not standard. It has been modified to suit his riding needs.......

They are hard to describe, since they are changing all the time

Wilbers damper in rear end, together with re-furbished driveshaft from Hendersen (US) (http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130764&highlight=hendersen)Together with some better pivot bearings from Rubber Chicken Garage (http://www.rubberchickenracinggarage.com/bushings.html) This set up will cure any known paralever problem ever..

HPN 43 liter fuel tank together with frame enforcement ala HPN.
Front end is rebuild with 50MM WP-Extreeme together with new triple clamps from Rick. I wanted to keep the original BM rim and therefore needed to shave of the hub 6 mm just to have space enough between the legs. Added a BM 1150 caliper just to mess with all the other Airhead riders, make them envious...lol.

Right now I'm looking for the dash to choose, the KTM version or the original. Hard to tell.

Haven't done anything to the motor yet, its working fine and I'm driving as a girl. If my courage improves by age, I'll maybe find myself in a position of do some mods further down the road.

Its not finished yet, and will never be.

He also has a Sternmuttersats fitted. A what you say? Instead of having the normal exhaust nut you have one of these. No more stripping threads on the exhaust outlet or breaking off the fins on the standard exhaust nut.

This R100 Krauser cafe racer is owned by a mate of Helge. Now that is one slick looking bike. It has the Krauser four valve heads.


  1. great beamer that GS, the krauser is also something special. Cool!!




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