Stripped... It got a whole lot worse....

Could it get any worse? Started with a stripped engine stud! Oh it got a whole lot worse. Motohansa have found out that someone had already put a helicoil into the offending stud. But it had not been done correctly. When I torqued the heads down I stripped the stud and helicoil out. I was shown the helicoil that came out and it had ripped a fair bit of casing thread out with it. Also damaged the thread on the stud. So Motohansa fitted a timesert thread. This did not take due to the stud hole now being bigger than it should be. When the cylinder was torqued down and the engine started up oil weeped out at the head gasket. They were not happy with this at all. The timesert could not hold the stud tight enough.

Disaster! The stud hole can not be welded up and a new hole drilled and taped as there is an oil gallery right at the back the hole. If this oil gallery is damaged then even bigger disaster. So the crankcase can not be repaired. We are exploring fitting a new old engine. They have an engine that I could buy. They are going to check to see what sort of nick the cylinders and pistons are in. It needs a new timing chain. It may even be an 800cc one. If it is ok I may buy it and get them to fit it. I will keep my old engine. The cylinders and pistons are in great shape for the mileage in my current engine. Or I will fit the engine myself. The other thing they could do is swap the cylinders from my engine onto the other one. Plus the engine electrics etc. Then fit the new old engine. The cost of this is going to take me well over my budget. We have to pay for our youngest daughter to go to Japan next year for a school trip. So it is very tight at the moment.

The mechanic asked me why I torqued the heads down. I told him that the Haynes manual said to do this before you do the tappets. He suggested the only time that this needs to be done is after a head gasket has been fitted. I have learnt my lesion. At least I was not the one that stuffed up the stud hole in the first place.

So I am now researching via my manual and the internet how easy is it to swap engines over. I need to see if I can do this. It would save me lots of magic beans.