Saturday, 29 December 2007

Double the fun. A MZ 1000ST

A dream for some of us. Reality for others. I dream of the day the MZ1000 makes it through ADR compliance in this country. So till then I just drool over the ones I see on the net.

Someone pass me a hanky as George from the UK has sent in some details of his one very nice MZ 1000ST.

Vital statistics as follows: Engine= D.O.H.C, 4 valves per cylinder, 180 degree Vertical (inclined) twin of MZ design and manufacture thought to be one quarter of a certain Malaysian teams formula one winning V8. Rated horsepower 112bhp, actual tested HP (at the rear wheel) 96-99 bhp @6,800 rpm. Gearbox is a (unit removable in situ) cassette type with six speeds. The frame (or chassis) is a Seymoor-Powell (Britain) designed socket tube truss in Chrome -Molybdenum alloy steel. Styling is by Peter Neumann (Germany) (Aprilia Falco etc) Forks are by Marazocci (Italy) and rear suspension via an Aluminium cantilevered swinging arm, is by Sachs of Austria. It is available in a multitude of colours and at least three different seat heights. The inclusive luggage can be hard (GIVI) or soft (Touratech). It is capable of much higher speeds than I am.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

A MuZ Traveller for sale.

Ken from Dungog, NSW contacted me about his Traveller he has been trying to sell. He wanted to know if I knew anyone who wanted to buy his. I don't but have offered to put it here on the blog.

Here are the details.

I'm a passionate MuZ rider who alas has to sell the machine due to a baby arriving on the scene in February.... Perhaps you know someone who might be interested? It's $3990 with nothing to spend and rego to October 2008. Full details are on and It's also going in the next issue of the Ulysses mag. For the aficionado it is a Traveller with the faring removed and a decent big round headlight fitted since I ride a bit at night on country roads. It also has a steering damper fitted, though It's done 39,000kms, the last 20,000 in the country with no short journeys. It's a joy to ride and I'd happily set off around Australia tomorrow.... There's a couple of cosmetic nicks and scratches but you have to look hard to see them - it really looks pretty much like new and rides the same. I've been riding for 35 years and it's the best all-rounder I've ever owned and I really don't want to sell it at all!

Ken can be contacted via
I have no financial gain in this. Just helping a fellow MuZ owner out.

Its black magic I tells ya....

Yesterday I was fiddling around with the bike. As you do. You know a good fiddle always makes a bike run better. Well not this time. Or so I thought.

Due to what I thought was my fiddling I had no electricity through the bike. So I went to the MZ Yahoo Group, the MZ/MuZ Riders forums, my friends at Mono Connection forums in the Netherlands and Michael Barnes. This is what I posted. It will give you an idea of what I was faced with....

I had removed the tacho as one of the globes had come out and was rattling around in the tacho pod. I found that the centre brass bit on the connector that goes into the tacho for the electricity was broken/missing. So I replaced this little bit of brass. Connected the tacho back to the power supply. Turned the key to on. Started the engine and the tacho doesn't work. Disconnect the connector and pull out the bit of brass I had put in there. Reconnected the tacho. Turned key to on and engine on switch to RUN and press starter button. I hear a loud clunk from down near the fuses and the engine won't start. Press the starter button again. Again a clunk and then not power at all. Nothing. No indicators, horn, lights nothing.

I pulled all the fuses out. The 3amp one broke. So I replaced that with a 10amp as that is the lowest that I have. I replaced the 15amp one with a new one which I assume carries the current for starting system.

Still a dead bike.

Anyone got any ideas? Do I have short somewhere? Does the tacho have to be connected for power to flow to all systems in the bike?

What makes this all worse is wife’s car died big time. Auto transmission is gone. This happened Christmas Eve. And the bike is our sole form of transport now. Gets worse oldest daughter starts first job on Friday night and can't get there by public transport so need the bike really bad. :-(

I received answers from members on all of the forums mentioned above and from Michael. Thanks guys for your valuable Christmas time.

I was advised to check the wiring harness for breaks in the wiring and also to check both the starter solenoid and the relay for the sidestand switch. I did all of this and everything checked out fine but I still have none of that black magic stuff that makes light globes go on.

I had the key in the ignition and had it turned on as I was wiggling wires around to see if the power would come back. I made my way from the font of the bike. By now the fairing has been removed fully. I went through all that wiring hidden by the fairing. Nothing. Was back at the postive cbale from the battery and wiggled it and POW, power. Wiggle again. Nothing. As Darth Vader would say…”Now I have you” .. More wiggles and I have power again. So I take a screw driver and put it to the bolt that holds the positive terminal. Oh no! It’s loose. No wonder I had no power. This should have been the first thing I checked yesterday. But I didn’t. D!OH D!OH at me. So now the lights come on again and the engine starts. Shame about my lights being out. ;-)

The upshot of all this is that I now have a Virago Tacho fitted in place of the MuZ waving one. The Virago one works perfect too.

Now I can take my daughter to her first shift of her first job. Also I can take my wife car hunting. I know nothing about cars. Don't have a car licence. I will just be the chauffeur.

I hate anything to do with electricity. Doesn’t help when you are red green colour blind to. ;-)

Monday, 24 December 2007

How to make a guy happy at Christmas? Buy yourself a Traveller.

Peter from Queensland contacted me a month ago after finding this blog. He expressed an interest in MuZ Travellers. He had seen one for sale in Queensland and wanted my thoughts about them. We exchanged emails. Then last week he emails me this…

”Hi Ross

Today I took delivery of my 1998 dark green MZ Skorpion Traveller. What a lovely bike. This is my first big bike (only had 250s until now) so I guess any 650 would be nice. But it's a delight to ride.”

Then yesterday he sent this and the following photos…

“Hi Ross

Here's a pic of my new bike, and also of the chain guard that Tony Boggart made up (I presume) and fitted to this and presumably other Skorpion's he sold in Brisbane.

I'm loving this bike - just came back from a ride in the rain and am almost totally dry.”

Mate, I wish you many happy rides on the Traveller. One day I hope our bikes can be photographed side by side.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Merry Christmas to you all.

A warm Sydney Merry Christmas to you all. I hope that 2008 is a great year for everyone that reads my blog. Thank you to all who have commented and contributed here. Even though this blog features my MuZ and the rides I do, it is also for others to have a place to show off their bikes or share the enjoyment of a ride.

Stay upright


Ross aka 'FUTURE'

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Go West young man......

They call it cabin fever. When you are locked up inside for too long. Sydney has had some really good rain the last few weeks. I have had the flu for the last few weeks. That’s why there have been no updates to the blog. I have not been out on a decent ride for weeks. I was getting cabin fever. I had to get out onto the open road. I knew it was forecast for heavy rain and thunderstorms. I didn’t care. I have new wet weather pants and a new set of gloves. So last night I went to bed early. I was going for a ride today no matter what.

I had seen that there were going to be several different rides today advertised on different forums. I wanted my own space. I knew where I wanted to go to and I wanted to leave way earlier than most rides start.

6:30am. I am wide wake. Out of bed and quick look out the window confirms the weatherman got it right. The sky is covered in iron coloured clouds. No rain yet but it will come. Breakfast is quickly consumed. I am heading for Lithgow. In fact I am going further west to Bathurst. But let’s see how bad the weather gets.

By 7:30am I am on the road. Full wet weather gear on. Sheep skin seat cover on the bike. Ear plugs screwed into my ears. Bike is all fuelled up. Out the drive way and off I go.

It is once again a boring trip out to Windsor. My route will take me up the Bells Line of Road to Lithgow and then onto Bathurst. I want to do a circuit of Mt Panorama and take some photos of the bike up there. That’s the plan.

The rain held off till just past Bilpin. I got caught in a few showers. Nothing heavy yet. It was really cold too. My visor was fogging up. Some of the scenery is stunning along this road. Deep valleys with shear cliff face’s dropping down into the lush green valleys. Trouble is just as I see a spot that would be great to take a photo from I have shot past. Ok next one I will stop at. Again I have shot past a beautiful vantage place. Next one not so good but I stop. Having the tank bag fitted makes it so much quicker and easier to take photos. Camera out of the tank bag real quick. Snap. Put it away and off you go again.

Back onto the lovely Bells Line Rd. There is very little traffic and no cops around. I give the bike its head and let it fly. Well as much as you can with a single cylinder bike. ;-)

I see a turn off to the Blue Mountains Picnic Area. So I take it. It’s a small bit of dirt road. The picnic area will just be around the corner…. And down the step dirt road and still further down. I am committed as it is too steep to stop and try to turn around. I get to the bottom and find there is no view. Just two picnic tables, and his and hers loo. At least I can turn around. Sure this is no ‘great Adventure’ ride and it is only about a kilometre long bit with the small front wheel that the MuZ has it is skidding all over the place. I get to the top and back onto the main road. Hey that was fun.

I see a sign for the Zig Zag railway. I don’t have time to ride the train to the bottom and back again. But I stop to take some photos of the trains.

Photos taken and heading for Lithgow. Off to the left the valley drops away and there is Lithgow. On with the brakes and off onto more dirt to take some photos. See this is one reason I like to ride alone. I can stop when I like and not have people double back for me worried that I may have binned the bike.

What a view too. Now to get back to the main road. Oh there is sand. Oh it is wet too. Oh the rear wheel wants to dig in. So easy on the clutch in first gear and get all my weight off the bike. Out of the sand she comes.

The road down onto Lithgow from here on is hair pins and posted at 60km/h. The car in front is making sure he is doing this too.

I would have loved to have stopped and seen the Small Arms Museum. Lithgow is where our Army’s rifles are made. They also made weapons during World War Two there. But Bathurst is calling. It is only 60kms to go. I am now down on the open plains. The Great Dividing Range is behind me. The sun has come out and it is hot and humid. I know this means there will be a storm brewing. Closer I get to Bathurst the warmer it is getting. Way off to the right I can see a sheet of dark stretching from heavy clouds to the ground. Rain. Heavy rain. The wind is blowing from that way too. Now it is a race to see who gets to Bathurst first. Me of the rain.

HAHAHA Mr. Rain. I bet ya. I drive up to My Panorama and am greeted by a security guard. “Are you here for the blah blah race meeting?” He asks me. “Nah mate. Just come to ride the track.” Says I. “Sorry you can’t ride the track as there is a closed circuit race meet on.” “Ok I will go back to Sydney then.” So I did. As I am going back into Bathurst I see a wall of rain. And it is right in front of me. I have to go through it. Well that’s what I wanted. Some wet wether riding. I haven’t done any decent riding in the rain on 2 wheels in 13 years.

The rain stung through my wet weather pants it was coming down that hard. Only had one close call in the rain. There was a semi and then a 4WD with a trailer in front on me. The road went to 2 lanes. I pulled out to the right lane. Blinker on. Head lamp blazing and the stupid 4WD decide he is going to over take the semi too. On the horn and he hears me and pulls back. That’s what mirrors are for you fool.

After about 30kms the rain has stopped. The sun is now out again. There are turn offs beckoning me to go to Oberon and Jenolan Caves but I can see that way they are getting a right bucketing from the rain. So I keep heading fro Lithgow.

For some reason I have caught up to a line of traffic. I shan’t say why but in this traffic is a Ferrari. Red of course. Even through the helmet and ear plugs I can hear his exhaust. He is dodging in and out of the traffic overtaking. Using his raw power to propel past truck and cars and then jump back into his lane. Sounds so nice. But hey my MuZ is red and sounds nice too ya know.

So do I go home the way I came down the Bells Line or through to Katoomba? I take the road to Katoomba. Stupid me. At least Mt Victoria pass was ok. The rest was boring with heaps of traffic and lots of cops out hunting for speeding vehicles. Not this little black duck thank you.

Soon I am on the motorway heading east. Time to play traffic roulette with the Sunday drivers. Some have no idea how to travel at 100km/h. Tagged along with a CBR600 for most of the motorway. He cleared the traffic in the right hand lane for me. ;-)

12:45pm and I am in my garage. All up it costs me a tank of fuel, bottle of water and a nut/fruit bar in Bathurst. Shame about the track. But hey now I have an excuse to go back again.

From Bathurst to home I didn't stop to take photos. I didn't want the camera to get wet and the homing beckon was on.

The route I took to get there...

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And home...

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