AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - new rubbers.

Yay! Got new tyres fitted. Michelin Pilot Activ. I had been riding with the old cracked hard tyres that were many years old. Yeah I know.

The front end would get a very nasty wobble at low speed. Some sage advise from a BMW mate, thanks Quoll, suggested instead of the 90/90 front go with a 100/90. Riding down hill, hands off the bars and no wobble/tank slapper. YES! just have to get used a wider front tyre. More responsive all round now. Better grip. Who would have thought new rubber could do all of this.

After doing a carb balance the idle was still a bit funny. Reading in the Airhead forums at ADV that a main jet change to a bigger jet can help the idle I did this. I found my bag of different size jets I had kept from the R100LT I used to own. I went from a 135 to a 138 main jet. What a difference. Better idle. The engine feels smoother too through the rev range.

Its been a night of wins.

Crappy mobile phone photo from tonight's ride to start running in the new rubber.