AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Told you I have a thing for handlebars.

BMWs have 22mm handlebars.
7/8ths bars are 22.23mm.
So unless you grind off .23mm your BMW controls won't go on. Well they will. But you run a very big risk of them slipping and breaking. Very expensive to replace.


So I had fitted 7/8th bars that I had ground the ends down on to fit my controls.
These bars are 30 inches wide. To get them to fit I had to take the clutch and choke cables off.

I had decided to go back to the R90S that came with the bike back on. So to save having to reset the clutch cable and the choke I cut the bar off.

The bars were cheap ones so chopping them up to make it quicker to do a handlebar change was a no brainer.