Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - What has been done. What is to do.

What I have done to the Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy so far.

Brat style seat made by butlers customs and caferacers from Newcastle.
Drag Bars.
Biltwell Kungfu Grips.
Junked the massive tail light. Fitted a Lucas replica.
CB450 cut down rear guard.
Wrapped the mid pipe of the Marshall Deep Tone 4into1 connector pipe.
Mirrors made from 2 different sets of crusier style ones.
Smaller indicators.
Removed the tacho.
Made sidecovers from perforated sheet. Airbox side has brass mesh.
Made sidecover badges.
Removed crash bars that came with te bike. Replaced with CBR650 Crash Knobs.
Lowered headlight with different mounts.

Still to do.
Centre the speedo.
Fit idiot lights to headlight shell.
Make different chain guard.
And anything else along the way that i think needs making.


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