Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy

Brat Style. "Brat styles usually have only minor frame modifications. (shorten)  a thinner flatter seat installed, most have adopted the black rims,  and I have seen all kinds of crazy handle bar options." A shop in Japan that gave the world this name and style. Its got a cult following. I love it.

I took the CeeBee to Liam Butler of @butlerscustomsandcaferacers  Look him up on Instagram.

This is Liam's own GN250. He let me take it for a blat. What a hoot. 

He does great work. He is a true Garage Artist.

Liam starting the Brat process.

The CeeBee is staying with Liam for a week while he hand crafts a Brat Style seat for me. 
Then that horrible tail light that looks like the docking bay of the Enterprise from Star Trek will come off. I have a nice period Lucas type tail light to mount.