8 - Speedmaster

Change No.8 There must be a name for this thing I have for handlebars?!

Is there a cure? I hope that this set is not a placebo. I bought a set of Astro-Glide Riserless bars from Steff at Zombie Performance. Have bought from him twice now and his customer service is second to none. His workmanship is beautiful. He is a true craftsman of the handlebar.

Rode nearly 200km today to and from work with these bars and they are great. 26 inches wide. Makes lane splitting easy. Not that I would know this till 1st July this year when it becomes legal here in New South Wale Australia. I like the position they put me into on the bike. Especially at highway speeds. Tucked in more than the wider tracker bars from change No.7.

You want a set of custom handmade bars then this is the guy to go to.