Speedmaster ... That's just shocking.

No I have not had an electrical problem with the Speedmaster.

I have had a shock fix.

Got some Hagon 2810 shocks fitted this evening.

I ordered these through Fast Eddy in the USA. You also have to supply him with the following:

"Your weight
Style of riding: Aggressive, normal, easy.
Pillion weight: How often you carry a passenger.
Desired height: Stock, -1/2 inch from stock, - 1 inch from stock.
Weight of gear: Solo and or with pillion and how frequently you travel this way."

He then gets them custom made for you. He is a great guy to deal with too.

As it was late here this evening when I fitted them I wont know what the ride quality is like till the morning. I think they will be way better than the stock shocks that came with the bike. They were getting very sad in a shocking way.