Cheap Levers....

After a bit of a fight with a very heavy gate that closed on my bike and knocked it to the ground I had to buy some new levers. Yes the bike lost the fight with the gate.

I bought these off eBay after reading many forums postings about Chinese levers. Mine came out of Hong Kong. They are very well made. Feel good against my fingers when using them. They feel nice and sturdy. I think they look good. They operate as they should. This is the good.

Now the bad. This was the seller, aumotomarts. He sent a set that has the clutch side as cable operated. Wrong wrong wrong for a 2002 1200 Bandit. My clutch is hydraulic. In fact he has photos with a clutch lever that is cable operated.

I should have twigged this when I bought them but did not. I contact them as soon I get the levers. Tell them the problem. They reply and want photos of my OEM lever compared to the one they sent. I do this. Then they email me to say they never got the photos. So I upload them to the net and send the links for the photos. They say they will investigate. Then they say they will send me a replacement lever. Time goes by. I email them for a copy of the tracking number. I am told it will be sent the next day. A week later I send a very rude and threatening email. Still no reply. A few days go by. I send another abusive email.

Meanwhile I have logged a claim with PayPal for a refund. After a month I get a reply from Paypal that the seller has denied refund. The seller has sent another. So again I send an email asking for the tracking number. I get a reply. With what is not a standard postal tracking number. Then I get another email saying they sent u the wrong tracking number. Hey dumbo neither are tracking numbers. I used to do this for a living, tracking overseas mail. So I know what they are.

Then 2 days ago, at long last, a parcel from the seller has arrived. Its not a replacement lever. It is a part that will allow me to fit the lever to a hydraulic system. So I had to pull the lever to bits to fit this part. Ok no big deal for me. I am handy with tools. Had I not been, I would have been beyond pissed. I have not left feedback for the seller. If I do it will only be negative. Which would mean he would leave negative for me.

Lessons learnt from this. Look at the photos better Ross before you buy.

So what do they look like fitted?

They really are good levers and cheap too.