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Road Shots

Jan and I bought a small FujiFilm L30. Brand new. Never used for a song. It has a panorama setting whcih I have wanted for so long.

Here are some shots taken today on the Old Pacific Highway. Some are ok some are not. Meh.

I so would like this to be my next bike...

See for full review. I have never owned a Kwaka. 

Using my photos.

Some ground rules here.

If you want to use my photos just ask me. Don't let me find my photos in a forum post that has been modified in a graphics program. As a graphic artist that really pisses me off. Also hosting my photo on your own image host site pisses me off even more so. Makes people think you took the photo. If you use my photo also credit back to this blog please.Common courtesy goes a long way to make us all get along on the net.

Not a big fan of Street fighters .. Hot Chocolate anyone??.

I am not a big fan of Street fighers. I find some of them look like they have just been cobbled together out of a different parts catalogues. Yet I do like this Bandit.

Couldn't stand a bar of it. Well in fact I could.

At long last my Renthal Medium Road Bars have arrived today. Spent the afternoon fitting them. It was not a smooth process. Not the bars fault at all as I have not changed the brake hoses etc.

I wanted a set of bars that would take a fair bit of weight of my wrists and the front end. I toyed with getting the Renthal Low Road bars which I see a few fit to their Bandits. I wanted a bit more of an upright seating position. So I went for the Medium Road Bars. Let me say they have given me what I wanted. More upright. My wrists are at a more natural position compared to the OEM bars. I have more leverage on the bars due to them being wider compared to the OEM bars. So I am very happy with them. I will just have to fiddle with the front dampening settings due to the weight coming off the front end as it has now. This is the good.

The Bad and some more good. I can not have the grips. clutch, brake or switch gear positioned so there is no bar showing at the end. See below photo of bars fitte…

Half arsed ride to Jerry's Kicthen

Lots of shifts of late have cut back yet again into my riding time. So with a day off today and the sun out shining the Road Gods were a beckoning. Jan and I saddled up for a short ride to Jerrys Kitchen at Kulnura. Yeah not a big ride but good enough to put a smile on my face.

Was also good to seat and raise a cuppa in honour of LGR at one of the places I hear he liked to go to. Ride on with the Road Gods mate. LGR aka Luke is one of the members of BikeMe forums and was tragically killed last Friday while riding his Busa.

We were the only bike there when we rolled in. A small handful arrived after us. We drank our tea, ate our food and then road down to Yarramalong through to Wyong. Stopped to see our grandson and then home for lunch.

Jan in the background enjoying morning tea.

Teh awesome gate guardians on Yarramalong road.

And now for something totally different...

One of my dream has been to own an Indian. Would love an old one. A new one would be just as good. Now I can, if only I had the money. Polaris, those guys who make jet skies and Victory Motorcycles are now making Indians. Of the 2012 range I so love the Dark Horse. Read here for more info .... Or even better the Official Site...

Han Solo carbonated..

Well not Han Solo but the chrome air filter side covers have been covered in carbon. This was done by Gus from the Aussie Bandits forum.  I did not like the chrome on them at all. Thought it looked out of place. They look great now. So what else can I get Gus to cover?

2013 BMW R1250GS Preview...

Spy photos reveal the first liquid-cooled Boxer engine!

The read more see

Dad how many bikes have you owned?

Heather, my oldest daughter asked me this once. So here is the list. 28 so far.
Started in 1979 with a
Yamaha RX125 (Long gone)

Suzuki GSX250 (Long gone)

Yamaha XJ650 (Long gone)

Honda FT500 (Destroyed in a head on)

Yamaha SR500 (Parted out)

Honda CB250T - I have no photo of the one I owned. So took this one from the net. (Long gone)

Honda CB125 (Long gone)

Honda CM250 - This was such a horrible bike I have no photo of it. So took this one from the net. (Long gone)

Yamaha XV1000 + sidecar (Long gone)

Yamaha XV1100 + sidecar (Long gone)

1953 Matchless 350 G3LS (SOLD)

MuZ Skorpoin 660 Traveller (SOLD)

BMW R100LT (Parted out)

Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit (SOLD)

Currently own - 1971 Honda CL450