Givi a guy a hand...

The wait has been worth it. I have wanted hard luggage for the Bandit for some time now. I was so spoilt with the hard bags on the BMW.

ThatOtherGuy on the Australian Bandit forums was selling a set of Givi panniers racks. He was asking a really good price. So I bought them.

The racks were fitted this morning.

Now for the panniers. I am going to be using Givi/Kappa 21 liter ones. 

I wanted the smallest ones as I do a lot of commuting and not much touring. So this size should suit nicely. 

They are on their way to Australia as I type. Coming from Germany. Brand new. Bought on eBay for $130 less than the cheapest I could find here down under. This is with courier fee as well. Australian retailers wonder why they are struggling.