Like putty in your hands...

Did a run up top the Grey Gums Cafe on the Putty with Peter and Baz from the Suzuki Bandits Australiaforum. Peter on his Gen 1 1200 Bandit with Gen 2 engine. Baz on the Sound Lounge R1200 RT BM. 

Which bike should I take?

We met at Jerry's at Kulnura. 

Some of the bikes there.

Did he know he had a rat in his bag?

Peter's Bandit.

Baz's Sound Lounge R1200RT.

Baz brought Chicken Strips for lunch.

Then headed north to Broke. Left and out past lots of vineyards for sale then onto the Putty. It has been years since I have done the Putty. Through Howels Valley the Road Gods shone on us and gave us the corners to scrap boots through.

Great meal at Grey Gum Cafe. So many bikes. So many loud Harleys going so slow past the cafe. 

It was like a Clint Eastwood western there.

Baz about to get the tunes going through his sound system.

Peter needed fuel. He though not having his jacket on would mean he got better mileage.

Peter needed fuel so we headed back to Broke. Again the Road Gods smiled down upon me. The Bandit can keep a K1300 at bay and pull away in the corners. 

Obligatory self portrait on the Putty. 


From Broke to just west of Corringbong. Say Goodbye to Peter. Baz and I then did a transport section down the F3. As I turned off at Ourimbah two surf heads cut across at least 2 lanes nearly taking Baz out. They thought it was funny till I zoomed up along side them. They backed off after that. Idiots.

Home, tired and bug splattered nearly 400ksm today.

Thanks Peter and Baz for a great ride.