Last few bits of the "N" puzzle done...

The bar end mirrors I bought off eBay have not lasted long. The right hand mirror ended up flapping around on my hand the other day. I was riding along when the mirror decided that it had enough. So I have ditched them and bought some "N" clamps to hold mirrors on stalks (more on this in a another posting later.)

I have also made some frame side covers. On the "S" because of the fairing the covers up near the steering head are not supplied. I could have bought some new or second hand off eBay but decided to make my own.

As I call my Bandit 'el-Lobo' ,which in Spanish means 'the Wolf' I have engraved a wolf into the side plates. These plates were cut from 2mm aluminium. Shaped, engraved, painted and then mounted. One on each side. They cover up all that wiring etc that stands out like dogs balls with no cover.