Heel guard and dongle...

Made a heat shield/heel guard for the muffler and a dongle to help me lift eh bike onto the centre stand.

Heat shield/heel guard from formed from a bit of mounting bracket I had lying around. As I have moved the pillion foot pegs forward a pillions heel can and does sit on the muffler. Not anymore.

The dongle is a lifting handle I made from a BMW pillion peg and mount. Took the rubber off it and trimmed it down. With throw over bags on all the time I have real trouble getting the bike up onto the main stand. Of late I have found that using the stand on the main stand and push down with all your weight is stuffing my right knee up. So much so that I am having trouble bending my knee. Now I have a folding handle I can hold onto to help me pull the bike up while still standing on the main stand. Just don't need to use my weight now.