LED indicators...

I got a chance today, between the downpours, to fit my LED indicators and the relay. I got the indicatrors from the2wheels. Relay from Project-R. Both on eBay.

They are not as bright as I would have liked. Nor did I want to buy them so soon but after letting the bike roll of the sidestand the other weekend I had no choice. The left hand indicator popped its lens and also took out the mounting for the screw that holds the lens in. 

I must say they do look better than the OEM stick out and get broken off at first chance indicators. 

I also took made a bracket to move the brake cable a bit to stop the pull on it due to the Renthal Medium Bars. Moving it forward has in fact taken the strain off the hose from the master cylinder to the splitter. I will one day get braided lines and make sure this line is a bit longer than standard.