Time for some TLC...... too much love? No!

The TLC keeps going on.

New seat. The old one is so worn out. Torn that the rain leaks into it. When you sit on it after the rain water oozes out when you sit on it. I am so sick of the wet pants. The padding in the seat has compressed so much. So new seat from Motobins. Wow the difference. Is this really now a comfort seat? I thought the old one was comfy. I will find out this comming weekend. I am off to the Boxerworks Aussie meeting down past the Snowies. I hope this new seat pampers my rear end like a nice comfy bed.

Poor old seat.

Lovely new seat.

Some indulgence now. I hate the later style rockers covers. So I bought some new pattern old style peanut shaped ones again from Motobins. I love the look of these old style ones.

Off with the old.

On with the new.