The crack of Doom!... Well not really..

Last Saturday I was going over the bike as you do. I found a crack in the frame. A crack in the major bracket that holds the rear sub frame together and just near the top mount for the mono shock. Not good at all.

To make things worse I was riding from Gosford to the Blue Mountains and back again to start my move to Gosford. I am moving in with Jan, my partner. I knew I could weld this but did I want to risk blowing a big hole in the frame. Yeah why not. it has been well over 25 years or more since I last did any welding. So after helping my sis and brother in law load furniture up to go back to their place/my parents place I decided I would have a go at fixing this crack.

My Dad has a stick welder. One setting. Full bore. Did a wee bit of practice on an old mower blade and it was time to blow up the bike. Both battery terminals disconnected. Frame Clamped back together. Paint removed from cracked area. Fire up the welder and a welding I went. Took 3 passes with a weld bead. Read looks like bird poo. The crack is gone. The welds are holding. Some fencing wire was used as a bushies welding job. Just to hold the frame together in case the weld brakes again. Splash some anitrust paint on the weld and Bobs your aunty. Fixed.

Thanks Dad for letting me use your tools and welder.