Jan steals my bike....

Second ride for Jan my partner. 200 Kilometer loop from Gosford down Wisemans Ferry Rd, cross the Hawkesbury River up to the Wisemans Ferry pub. Then to Berrowa Waters across the ferry there. Help rescue a girl push bike rider who face planted and lost half a tooth, was knocked out when we got to her and her friend. Jan helped her friend to get the girl off the road and clean up all the blood off the girl. I took off up to Berrowa Heights to call 000. 15 minutes later the Ambos turn up and cart the poor girl off to hospital. Jan found out the day next day that the girl did not sustain any major injuries.

After this sobering event we took our time riding back up the Old Pac Hwy to Gosford and home.

Jan gave me the boot.

On the road to Glenoire.

Berowa Waters

Berowa Waters

Bike stolen.

Will I get it back???



  1. Looks like you two had a great ride. I'll join you one day. Hope the bike is runing great now, its about time Buddy. Keep them good photos posted, we sorry people up north need some good reading whilst suffering from a bad winter attack. Yes I know the Wikings are hard cockies, but there is a limit of self inflected pain caused by snow and ice. :-) All the best my friends. Safe riding, Helge


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