Gracie Bean Junebug....

I would like to introduce you to Gracie Bean Junebug. I had the pleasure of meeting Gracie and her rider on Sunday morning for a ride. Gracie is a 1999 Kawasaki W650 parallel twin. A quick glance at the bike and you would swear it is a 1960s Triumph Bonnie.

Di loves this bike so much. It is her only transport. She has ridden the bike to Tassie and this year will be heading down on Gracie to Phillip Island for the MotoGP. Gracie has a great sounding 2 into one. She sounds just the way a twin should sound. Loud. Expect to see a ride report from the MotoGP trip Gracie and Di will do later this year.

It was a pleasure to meet and ride with you both. I can see you two will have many more happy kilometers together.