Another ride rave from AirBear...Part the two

Day 3, and it is 30kms to Omeo to refuel – last available fuel was at Mitta Mitta, 150kms back. The road to Omeo is a cracker, very twisty and well engineered, but soft in the heat.

The black streaks on the surface at corners is melting tar. The bike was feeling a bit insecure, and I stopped to investigate. I could push a stick right into the tar. I adjusted my riding accordingly.

I refuelled at Omeo and headed for Mt Hotham, another High Fun Area – long high-speed sweepers punctuated by squiggly bits.

Wearing a jacket was difficult, so I packed it away and greased up with sunscreen. (I know, I know). I took to just purring along, rather than pushing hard. It’s a great road.

Near Hotham. The advice on the sign seemed pretty good.

The road from Hotham down towards Harrietville was very black and soft enough to be a worry. I had to go easy, treating the blacker corners like gravel. From Harrietville the road was easier but the heat was insupportable. It was like riding in an oven. I hopped from swimming hole to swimming hole on the way home, swimming in the Ovens, then crossing over the Tawonga Gap (another beautiful road) to the Kiewa River. I finally stopped for about 3 hours on the Kiewa River, finished my book and food supplies and swam and swam.

As the sun went down I pushed the last 50kms on familiar roads to home, just across the water now. It was 45C (113F) here.

Total distance travelled was 480kms. It was a great run, with lots of adventure. We went down and back up some absurdly steep tracks, through creek crossings and over the occasional log. Brunhilde proved again to be very sure-footed and competent.
Ps: Some camping tricks – I’ve taken to carrying 3 lengths of 6mm SS rod, to tap into the ground around a stove to help keep things balanced. Tent pegs work the same way for my little alcohol stove. Also, a mattress folded up and sat on some stones or whatever, and leaning against the front wheel like this, makes a very comfortable easy chair.

BMW provides. Thanks for reading.